The Bridge


This bridge joins the concourse to platform 7. Note that there's a separate gate line on platform 7, beyond the foot of the stairs.

There are two sets of steps at the concourse end, which we'll call the north and south steps.


Via the North Steps

You go up 14 then 14 steps, going southwest, onto the bridge.

Via the South Steps

You go up 14 steps, going west to a landing. There's a slight lip at the top of these steps. Turn right ( north) and go up 14 steps, going north, onto the bridge.

The Bridge

This runs west from the lift at the east end, over the tracks. there's another lift and stairs to platform 7, before the bridge continues to the car park to the west of the station. Details of this car park lie beyond the scope of this survey.

East End

lift from concourse, call button to left

North Side, Going West

South Side, Going West

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