This is a rectangular space oriented north/south with the entrance from the taxi rank at the north end, two entrances from the Union Square shopping mall on the east and the gate line on the west. The lift and two sets of steps to the bridge also leave from the west side of this space.

The two entrances on the east are via passages from the shopping mall, the northern of these passages is beside (south of) the travel centre, for which there are two sets of automatic doors. We understand the east set of doors is the entrance, whilst the west (nearer the concourse) is the exit, though we found people using each set as either.


The North Passage

East End

  entrance/exit from Union Square shopping mall

South Side

  blank wall

North Side

  2 sets of doors to/from travel centre

West End

  level entrance/exit to concourse

The South Passage

East End

  entrance/exit to shopping mall

South Side

  blank wall

North Side

  side of cafe, entrance from concourse

West End

  level entrance/exit into concourse

From the north entrance, you go over a lip in the floor, then over tactile flooring into the concourse.

The Concourse

North Side, Going East

wall juts out (former retail unit)
vending machine
2 photo booths
entrance to former retail unit
wall retreats
entrance/exit from taxi rank

East Side, Going South

  north entrance, from travel centre
south entrance, large ticket machine and shell monument to right
WH Smith, 2 entrances
waiting room
seats, facing north
blank door

South Side

  glass barrier north of platforms

West Side, Going North

  2 gates, the original gates of the station
2 Wide Aisle Gates (bi-directional)
five auto exits
3 auto entrances
fence with billboards
barrier veers right
emergency gate leading northwest
billboard jutting out
rear of assistance/ticket sales booth, north/south
south steps to bridge
billboard jutting out
post box
3 phones on post
post box
planters with main departure screen above
3 phones on post
wall resumes then retreats across blank door
billboard jutting out
lift to bridge, call button to right
north steps to bridge
fence with emergency exit

In the Middle of the Concourse

We noted the ticket machine and shell monument outside (west of) the south entrance. There’s a bank of back-to-back seats between these and the south steps to the bridge. There’s also a bank of back-to-back seats opposite each set of phones.

At the time of our survey, there were several signs warning of the slippery floor, positioned throughout the concourse.

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