Aberdeen station is located on the west side of Union Square, which is bounded to the north by Guild Street. The west side of this square also includes the vehicle entrance and exit to the taxi rank and short stay car park. To the south and east is the Union Square shopping mall. Details of this mall are outside the scope of this survey, except for the route to the bus station which is beyond Union Square shopping mall, to the east.

There is stepped access from Guild Street into the northwest corner of Union Square and step-free access to the northeast corner, beside the shopping mall.

Entrances and Exits

There are five entrances/exits to this station:

There is stair and lift access between the bridge and all platforms.

Local Road Crossings

There's a crossing of Guild Street from the northwest corner of Union Square. This is a single-stage crossing with tactile paving and sounder. There's a post with push button and rotating cone to each side as you cross in either direction.

If you cross to the north (away from the station) you can turn left and take the turning right towards the Trinity shopping mall.

From the south end of this crossing, you can continue, down six then five steps, going south into the northwest corner of Union Square. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. Continue, across the vehicle exit then entrance (marked by tactile paving) to the wall of the Union Square shopping mall, then turn right into the travel centre.

Local Buses

The Bus Station lies to the east of the Union Square shopping mall. Leave the concourse via either corridor going east and continue through further automatic doors, into the shopping mall.

If you went through the left-hand (north) passage, continue past the main doors to the mall on your left then follow the frontage which veers right then left into a passage leading east.

If you went through the right-hand (south) passage, follow the frontage on your right, which traces a vague semi-circle leading to the same passage going east.

Follow this passage, down the slope, there's a map of the mall in front of you, in the middle of the passage. At this point, a door leads north to Guild Street, beyond which are the ticket sales windows for the bus station.

There's a row of pillars along the middle of this passage from here. Take the turning right (south) to the Bus Station.

As you continue (south) the bus stops, numbered 1 to 12, are to your left. Details of this facility lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The Union Square shopping mall is reached via either passage leading east from the concourse. These are the original entrances/exits to the station, the original canopy and frontage have been retained. You go into a circular space with a passage leading east towards the Bus Station. Details of the mall lie beyond the scope of this survey.

The Trinity shopping mall is on the north side of Guild Street. This can be reached via steps from the taxi rank, or via a ramp leading to steps from the north side of Guild Street. We believe there is step-free access to this mall, which lies beyond the scope of this survey.

From the northeast corner of the taxi rank area, turn right (east), there's a pillar leaning in from the left, which is extremely nasty, keep right!

When safely past this pillar, turn left, continue along a short passage then go up nine steps, going north. Turn left (west), go up three steps going west, then turn right (north) and go up 16 steps, going north to a passage which slopes up north. From the top of these steps, you could turn right (180 degrees) and go down the slope onto the north side of Guild Street.

Continuing north, you go up 16 then 16 steps, going north. Continue (north) through the doors into the Trinity shopping mall, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

We understand the North Link Ferry terminal is about a mile east of the station, so we suggest you get a bus or taxi.

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