Platform 7


This is a separate platform along the west side of the station, divided into platform 7 North, for mainly northbound services, or platform 7 south for occasional southbound. The entrance, via steps or lift from the bridge is about in the middle of the platform, a short gate line lies to the north of the foot of the steps. If you use the lift, you'll need to turn right (180 degrees) and continue past the steps to the gate line. Similarly, having got off the train, you go through the gates then follow the fence on your right then turn back to the lift.

The gate line is monitored via CCTV and there's a help point at the foot of the stairs.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

To Reach

From the bridge, you go down 14 then 14 steps, going north. The gate line is in front of you with two Wide Aisle Gates at the left-hand end and two automatic gates to the right.

Outside the gates, you're in a recess to the west of the platform, there's a large, square pillar in front of you, move round to your right of this.

There's a row of pillars along the middle of the platform and a fence along the west side. We noted a siding beyond this fence.

Platform 7 North, Going North from the Gates

Platform 7 South, Going South from theGate Line

There's a row of pillars along the right-hand side, beside the fence.

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