Platforms 1 to 6


These are three island platforms leading south from the concourse, numbered 1 to 6 from the east. You go through the gates facing west into a rectangular space which is bounded to the west by platform 6. platforms 3 and 4 lead to your left, (South). Platforms 1 and 2 (which are seldom used) lead South, behind you. Platform 6 continues south, becoming platform 6 South which shares an island platform with platform 5.

Platform 6 continues north, to become platform 6 North, which continues beside (west of) the taxi rank.

The platforms leading south from the station curve significantly to your right, as you move away from the concourse, though for convenience, we''ll refer to your moving south along these platforms.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of platforms in this station.

Platforms 1 - 2

Platform 1 starts some distance south of the beginning of platform 2.

To Reach

Turn left from the gate line and follow the gate line/wall round to your left. Continue (now east) to the wall in front of you then turn right onto platform 2.

From the North

Platforms 3 - 4

To Reach

Turn left from the gate line and continue (south) onto the island platform. There's a wall across tracks 2 - 3 to the left and across tracks 4 - 5 to the right of the route onto these platforms. there's a row of pillars along the middle of the platforms which extend further south than do platforms 1 - 2.

From the North

Platforms 5 - 6 South

To Reach

From the gate line, continue forward. there are some large pillars in this space. Platform 6, with no tactile paving, is in front of you, though there is a wall to your left across the end of tracks 4 - 5, turn left beyond this. Platform 5 will be to your left and 6 to your right. There's a row of pillars along the middle of this platform.

To Leave

Note that you need to go onto the tiled surface of the concourse, then past the rails across the end of the tracks before turning right towards the gates. The ticket sales and assistance booth is to your left (north) of the gate line.

From the North

Platform 6 North

To Reach

Go through the gates, move to the right-hand side of this space then follow the fence then wall round to your right, onto the platform.

From the South

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