The Taxi Rank


This would normally be part of the Environs section, but it's actually under cover and is bounded to the east by some facilities of the station, so we'll give it a separate section in this guide under Detailed Description.

The entrance/exit to the concourse leads south from the southeast corner of this space, which includes the turning circle for taxis and other vehicles. The east side includes the vehicle entrance/exits through a building which includes the toilets, Reception and a route to the Trinity shopping mall. The middle of this area, which is not completely covered, includes the short stay car park for the station. There are six accessible parking spaces at the south end of this space (nearest to the entrance to the concourse).

Note that the long stay car park we discovered lies west of the station and can be reached via the bridge. Details of this car park lie beyond the scope of this survey.


South Side, Going West

I must confess to being puzzled as to why the drop-off is beyond the pick-up point, but that's what we observed at the time of our survey.

West Side

fence beside platform 6 north

North Side

blank wall

East Side, Going North

You go in facing east then up two flights of steps. Turn right at the top, go through the first door on your left then turn left (north) and go through the door in front of you. It may be best to ask for assistance at the intercom.

Continuing North

The intercom button is in a rectangular metal housing to your right of the door.

Continuing North

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