The Travel Centre


This is a rectangular space, orietnted east/west with an entrance from Union Square at the east end, the ticket sales and information desks on the north and the entrance/exit doors to the station on the south. The First Class Lounge is on the north side, that is to your right as you come in from Union Square.

There�s a queuing rail running east/west along the middle of this space, you queue from the east (outside the rail) then turn right (180 degrees) for the desks on your left.


East End

entrance from Union Square

North Side, Going East

The next available desk is clearly anounced. We noted no preference for same day or advanced bookings.

West Side

emergency exit

South Side, Going West

In practice, we found people using each set of doors as entrance and exit. In particular, people came from Union Square then turned immediately left into the passage.

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