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The original main entrance to the station is via a steep ramp to Broomknoll Street from the ticket office. There is stairs and ramp access from the origianal island platforms 1 - 2 via the car park. Note that the route to all these exits is from platform 1.

There is also stairs and ramp access from the new platform 3 to the pavement of the A89 and Broomknoll Street. See the Environs page for more details.

Since there are relatively short distances between all exits at street level, these directions will be restricted to routes directly from each platform, rather than between platforms via the bridge.

Platform 1 is a terminus for services to Balloch and Milngavie, whilst platform 2 is also a through platform for westbound services towards Glasgow and Helensburgh Central. The new platform (3) serves eastbound trains towards Edinburgh.

The doors will open as follows, as you face the front of the train:

There is tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

From Which Platform?

  From Platforms 1 - 2
From Platform 3

From Platforms 1 - 2

If you arrive on platform 2, move onto platform 1 then turn left. From the front of longer trains, you'll need to come back, beyond the ticket office building before you can turn left towards platform 1.

As you move from the rear of longer trains at platform 1, you pass the waiting room, the toilet, lift, bridge then another building before you reach the ticket office. You could turn left here, then right and go down the steep ramp to Broomknoll Street.

Alternatively, you can continue, beyond the front of the train, for the path to the car park. You go down a slight slope then take the turning right.

From here, you can continue, past the ramp leading right, down a flight of steps into the car park, or take the turning right and go down the ramp.


From Platform 3

There are two ramped and two stepped exits from this platform. As you go from the rear of longer trains, you pass the west exit (ramp), lift, steps from the bridge, the middle exit (steps) then the ramp to the east exit. The steps to the east exit are near the front of the train, beyond the waiting room.

For the West Exit

Go down the ramp, leading away from the front of the train, onto the pavement.

For the Middle Exit

Go down two flights of steps, going away from the platform, onto the pavement.

For the East Exit

Go down the ramp leading towards the front of the train, onto the pavement of Broomknoll Street, the railings round the roundabout are in front of you.

Alternatively, go down five steps, away from the platform, turn right then go down two flights of nine steps. Turn left then go down four steps and continue, down a short slope, onto the pavement. The crossing of the A89 is slightly to your left.

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