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The station is under the motorway, near the point where the slip road joins the street network. This is in the junction between Argyle Street (east) and North Street (north).

Note this is a very noisy place, I find this level of noise very disorienting.

Entrances and Exits

The station has a single entrance/exit from the south side of the forecourt. Although there is step-free access to the Ticket Office (down a slight slope from the forecourt), there is stairs-only access between the Ticket Office and platforms.

Local Road Crossings

From the East Side of the Forecourt

There's a two-stage crossing from the east side of the forecourt, over North Street and one section of the slip road. This is a two-stage crossing with no tactile paving and no rotating cones. I was less than convinced by the dropped kerbs at this crossing. The posts, with push buttons are north of the crossing, that is to your left as you leave the station, to your right as you approach it. On reaching the central reservation, you move to your right to find the post for the second stage of the crossing.

North Street

This is a single-stage crossing, leading northwest from the north side of the forecourt, with no tactile paving and no rotating cones.

The post, with push buttonis to your right as you cross in either direction.

<[p>Note that there's a bridge, a few metres north of the station entrance which provides a stairs-only crossing to the west side of North Street.

Local Buses

On the North Side of Argyle Street

There's a bus stop on the north side of Argyle Street, outside the Mariott Hotel, the shelter is on the north side of the pavement. At the time of our survey, this served:

Note that there's no real crossing of Argyle Street at this point, just a gap in the central reservation.

On the South Side of Argyle Street

The shelter is about 30 metres east of the "crossing", on the south side of the pavement. This stop serves:

Local Features

There's a low, round brick structure in the middle of the forecourt, east of the foot of the steps to the bridge.

The Bridge

From the automatic doors of the station entrance, you go up a slight slope then bear slightly left. If you find yourself going down the slope, you've overshot the foot of the steps, which will be on your left.

Note, if you veer too far to the left, you can walk underneath the steps, be careful!

From about 20 metres north of the station entrance you go up 11 widely spaced steps, going north. Turn left (180 degrees, south) then go up nine widely spaced steps, going south. Turn right (180 degrees, north) and continue over North Street.

Continue, down 11 steps, spiralling clockwise then turn left (north) and go down three more widely spaced steps onto the west side of North Street, move slightly right onto the pavement.

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