The ISLAND Platform

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This station has a single island platform running approximately east/west with platform 1, eastbound lying north of platform 2, westbound.

The entrance/exit from the Ticket Office is near the middle of the platform. There is no tactile paving along either edge of this platform.

To Reach

From the Ticket Office, you go down 16 then 16 steps, going east, onto the platform. There is no tactile paving at the top or bottom of these steps, which have a hand rail to each side.

The Platform, from the West

  slope off end
3 electrical equipment boxes
building (not for public use), blank door on east side
pillar on each platform
pillar on each platform
row of 5 pillars with seats between, staff phone on fourth pillar
various pillars under steps
rear of steps, up west, note you can walk underneath these
steps up to Ticket Office
pillar with help point on platform 2 side
row of 4 pillars
slope off end

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