The Bridge

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This bridge provides stairs access to each platform from the ticket office.


From platform 1, you go up 18 steps, going southwest. There's a wall with billboards in front of you. Turn right (northwest), go up 11 steps, going northwest onto the bridge.

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  door to ticket office
blank wall

Northeast Side


Continue, down 11 steps, going northwest, turn right (northeast) and go down 19 steps, going northeast onto platform 2.

The steps are divided by a central rail, there is no tactile paving at the top or bottom of these steps.

At the foot of the steps on platform 2, northbound, is an area with:

Northwest Side

  glass wall

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  waiting room, departure screen above
help point

Southeast Side, Going Northeast

  pillar, platform 2
gap to platform

Southwest Side

  steps from bridge

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