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The station is on the northeast side of a lay-by off Keptie Street (northwest/southeast), about 50 metres northwest of Catherine Street, which leads northeast towards the car park.

There's an island between the entrance (northwest) and exit (southeast) of the lay-by which includes a bus stop. There's a taxi rank along the northeast side of this island.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station:

To the Ticket Office

You go through automatic doors, going northeast into a foyer then through another set of automatic doors, going northeast, into the ticket office.

To the Lift to Platform 2, Northbound

See the Lifts page for details.

Via the Car Park

From Keptie Street, turn (northeast) into Catherine Street and go down the slope. Turn left (northwest) into the station car park and continue (northwest) through the gap onto platform 1. There's a row of bollards along the pavement outside this entrance.

Local Road Crossings

We noted a crossing with sounder some distance northwest of the station, beyond the scope of this survey. There is no tactile paving at either entrance or exit to the lay-by outside the station, nor at either side of Catherine Street.

Local Buses

From the bus stop on the island outside the lay-by:

Local Features

The Lay-By, Going Northeast from Keptie Street

  entrance road to forecourt, turn left, northeast
pavement curves to right (southeast
station information
monument 1000th milestone
station building starts
push doors leading northeast into lift area for platform 2
vehicle drop-off/pick-up to right
automatic door towards ticket office
down slope
phone box
wall juts southwest back towards Keptie Street

Going Southeast on Northeast Side of Keptie Street

  entrance road to lay-by, no tactile paving, onto island
post giving train information
bus shelter
exit road from lay-by, with no tactile paving
Catherine Street

The Station Car Park

This car park has 18 spaces, three disabled persons bays, one southwest of the entrance to platform 1, the others at the northeast side of the car park. There's cycle storage to your right (northeast) of the entrance.

There are four bollards on the pavement outside the station entrance. You go up a step, going northwest, onto the pavement. We found no dropped kerb to this pavement at the time of our survey.

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