Platform 1, Southbound

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This is a separate platform along the southeast side of the station serving southbound trains towards Dundee and beyond.

The platform curves to your right as you go from the northeast end, though for convenience we'll assume it runs northeast/southwest throughout.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of this platform. Note that there's a drop down beyond the gravelled area along the southeast side of some sections of this platform.

To Reach

There is stairs and lift access to this platform from the ticket office and there is single step access from the car park.

From the Car Park

You leave the pavement, going northwest through normally open metal gates. The station building is to your left, whilst to your right is a rail guarding an area not for public use.

Note that there's a single step onto the pavement from the car park and we found no dropped kerb during our survey.

From the Northeast

  slope off end
gate at top of slope
gravel area before drop on left
lamp post, Arbroath
gravel widens
lamp post, Arbroath
platform widens, gravel ends, fence on left
lamp post, in middle
gate in fence, locked
lamp post, in middle
wall on left, canopy starts, 6 pillars along middle of platform, clock on 5th pillar
painting on wall, Declaration of Arbroath 1320
blank door
second pillar, Arbroath
blank door
blank door
blank door
pillar, platform 1
assistance ramp
ticket machine
help point with induction loop behind
wall retreats

Northeast Side

  waiting room
wooden fence
rail across area not for public access
exit to car park leading southeast

Continuing Southwest

Between the Station Building and Steps to the Bridge

  exit to car park
station building starts
blank door, steps to bridge to right
building under steps with two blank doors in southwest side
blank door, open area behind steps on right
four pillars supporting bridge
blank door
blank door
wall juts out with two blank doors, pillar to right

Outside the Steps to the Bridge

  steps to bridge
building under steps, with window
3 car stop at southwest end of building
gap with four pillars supporting bridge
open area
lift to foyer, call button to right (southwest)

You now go under the road bridge with seven pillars along the middle of the platform. The 6 car stop sign is on the last pillar.

continuing Southwest from the Lift

  high wall on left with lighting and CCTV, under road bridge
platform narrows
gravel area starts
lamp post, Arbroath
lamp post
lamp post, Arbroath
lamp post
lamp post, Arbroath
gate across end
slope off end

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