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Staff can meet you from the train, call 01294 463470 then select option 2. Staff can call taxis to come to the front of the building, but there's no regular public transport from the entrance to the building. See the Environs page for details of the route to bus stops in Princes Street.

There are three paths leading away from the entrance. The left-hand path (east) leads into the covered walkway towards the station; the middle path (south), and the third leads west then south along the water front.

You go in through two sets of doors, going north. There's tactile flooring inside the second set and carpet between the two sets of doors. The inner doors were heavy pull doors at the time of our survey. The outer doors, normally open, would be push to go in.

The Ticket Office

West Side, Going North

  ticket sales windows
blank door
wall retreats into waiting area

East Side, Going North

  passage to toilets

North End

  waiting area

The Waiting Area

This is a wider space with chairs and tables.

West Side, Going North

  door towards ferry
drinks vending machine

North End

  normally closed door and windows

East Side


The Passage to Toilets

You leave the ticket office going east.

North Side

  passage to accessible and gents toilets
ladies toilets

East End

  blank door

South Side


The Passage to the Gents and Accessible Toilet

North End

  accessible toilet, a few metres beyond the entrance to the gents

West Side

  gents toilets

East Side

  blank door

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