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This is a single platform station which is the terminus of a single track line. the doors will open on your left as you face the front of the train.

There's no tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

This is an unmanned station with a help point just to your left of the shelter as you face away from the track.

To Which Exit?

  To the Ferry Terminal
To Harbour Road

To the Ferry Terminal

Note that you can ask Caledonian MacBrayne staff to come and meet you off the train, phone 01294 463470 then select option 2.

Go beyond the front of the train, following the railings on your left. You pass a normally closed gate into the dry dock. If this gate is open, continue across the open space, the railings will resume on your left beyond the gate.

After a few metres, you'll bear slightly right into the covered walkway leading towards the terminal building. This walkway curves so that you've effectively turned left before you reach the end.

From the end of the walkway, cross the access road and continue, onto the path in front of you, you should find gravel to your right. Follow this right-hand side till you find the path leading right, towards the entrance. If you find railings in front of you, you've overshot the entrance, turn back then take the turning left towards the entrance.

You go through two sets of doors into the ticket office. The sales counter is to your left.


To Harbour Road

Go beyond the front of the train. As you start going down the slight slope, move to your right and follow the fence on your right. You turn right then right again, into the walkway. Follow this walkway to the end, Harbour Road, then turn left towards Princes Street.

See the Environs page for details of the route to bus stops in Princes Street.

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