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This is a single platform running south on the west side of the single track.

There's a shelter and help point a few metres from the start of the platform.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platform. A wire mesh fence runs along the west side.

From the North

  ScotRail onward travel information

The nearest taxi rank is in Harbour Street, whilst the nearest bus stop is in Princes Street. Note, we found Harbour Place and Harbour Road, but no Harbour Street during our survey.

continuing South

  2 boxes
post, Ardrossan Harbour
bike park
shelter, go in facing north,three sides glass, west side is wall with bench
help point on post, off southeast corner of shelter
bike racks
post, CCTV
post, Ardrossan Harbour
post, way out sign
post, CCTV
post, CCTV
post, Ardrosaan Harbour
slope off end

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