The TICKET Office

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We consider this area in two sections; the area lying east of the alley, which includes the ticket sales windows and the area at the top of the escalators to the intermediate level, which extends east from this.

The ticket sales windows are in an open space lying east of the alley, there is level access into the northwest corner and four steps down into the southwest corner of this space.

The Ticket Sales Area

West Side, Going North from the Foot of the Steps

  ScotRail Information
pillar on right
wall decreases into alley

North Side, Going East

  east wall of alley curves left into ticket office
first sales window, closed at the time of our survey
pillar on right
sales window
pillar on right
recess, not of concern

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  glass partition juts out southeast
partition retreats then continues southeast

East Side

  gap leading east towards escalators, departure screens above

South Side, Going West

  wall with billboards
stepped entrance from alley

The Area at the Top of the Escalators

West Side, Going North

  gap from ticket office
glass partition, leading northwest

North Side, Going East

  down escalator, to intermediate level
up escalator, from intermediate level

East Side

  blank wall

South Side, Going West

fire exit
gap leading west into ticket office

The fire exit leads south up seven steps, going south. Turn left (east) at the top, then right through a push door to street level. You're in the rear forecourt of the St Enoch Centre.

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