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You can go into the ticket office either via the level access from the Argyle Street end, or via four steps down from the St Enoch Centre end of the alley. You go to the intermediate level via the escalator then you can either take the escalator or stairs to reach the platforms.

There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

To the Escalators

From the Argyle Street End of the Alley

Follow the left-hand wall which curves left into the ticket office. The sales window is on your left before you reach the glass barrier which juts out at an angle in front of you.

You can either follow this barrier into the gap to the escalators or continue across the ticket office then turn left. This would avoid you following this irregular barrier.

From the St Enoch Centre End of the Alley

You can either follow the right-hand wall and go down four steps, or follow the left-hand side and go down the ramp.

Via the Ramp

Turn right. You're facing the barrier leading at an angle towards the escalators. You can either follow the left-hand wall for the ticket sales window or move right and continue forward towards the escalators.

Via the Steps

The ticket sales window is in front of you (about 1 o'clock), alternatively, you can turn immediately right and go through the gap towards the escalators.

To the Intermediate Level

As you go through the gap from the ticket office, the escalators are to your left, the first one is normally the one you need. Go down to the intermediate level and continue through the doorway in front of you and turn left.

To the Platforms

The gate line is in front of you with two regular entrance gates to the left and a Wide Aisle gate at the right-hand end of the gate line. Go through the gates.

From here, you can reach the platform via escalator or stairs.

Via the Escalator

Take the first turning right then left and go up the escalator in front of you to platform level. Platform 1, westbound is to your left, whilst platform 2, eastbound is to your right. We believe you're about in the middle of the train.

Via the Stairs

Follow the right-hand wall, past the two turnings to the escalators. Continue following the right-hand side, right then left and through a fire door into a short passage. Continue, up two flights of steps to platform level. Platform 1, westbound is to your left, whilst platform 2, eastbound is to your right. We believe you're near the front of westbound, or rear of eastbound trains. You're actually near the end of the platform, so we suggest you turn back for a few metres to be sure of being beside the train.

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