The Platforms

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This is an island platform about eight metres wide for most of the length, narrowing to about five metres towards the ends. There is no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

Platform 2, eastbound lies north of platform 1 westbound.

To Reach

The platforms can be reached via either set of steps, or the upward escalator from the intermediate level.

From the East

  notice, Danger, No Passengers Beyond This Point
open platform
east steps going down west
wall round stairwell, on each platform
post on west side with emergency phone, not for public use
large box, along platform
2 departure screens facing west
2 back-to-back seats
help point, on post
rail across rear of escalator well
up escalator, coming up west
open platform
billboards in middle
2 departure screens facing east
help point, on post
rail round escalator well
down escalator, going down east
open platform
2 x 2 back-to-back seats
emergency phone on post, not for public use
stairwell round west steps
west steps, going down east
platform narrows
notice, Danger, No Passengers Beyond This Point

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