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This is an isolated park and ride station about two kilometres from the town of Armadale. The station is on the south side of a large car park, beside the eastbound platform 2. We understand this car park provides 187 spaces, of which 11, adjacent to platform 2, are for disabled persons.

We noted housing about 500 metres north of the station, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Entrances and Exits

There are four entrances/exits to this station:

The West Entrance

This is a gap in the fence between the pavement and platform, we believe, however, that this is behind the rear of shorter trains.

The East Entrance

We believe this is the main entrance to the station, being between the foot of the stairs and ramp to the bridge. We believe this is just beyond the front of shorter trains and beside the front of longer ones.

Stairs and Ramp Access to Platform 1, Westbound

See the description of the bridge for details of the other two entrances to this station.

Local Road Crossings

Details of local roads lie beyond the scope of this survey, we presume that customers would be driven to and from this station.

Local Buses

There's a bus stop on the kerb side, outside the east entrance. We found no infromation about services during our survey, but presume this was used by the replacement bus service which operated prior to the recent opening of this station.

Local Features

There's a bike shelter on the south side of the car park, near the west entrance.

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