Platform 1, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station serving westbound trains towards Glasgow and Helensburgh. There's tactile paving along the edge of the platform.

To Reach

This platform can only be reached via the bridge from the car park. We noted that the foot of the ramp was about in the middle of a three car train which stopped at the station during our survey. The layout of this platform suggests, however, that this entrance is towards the rear of some trains.

From the West

  gate at end
mesh fence on right
post, CCTV
phone, not for public use
lamp post, 6 car stop
lamp post
stanchion, slightly away from fence
post, CCTV
lamp post, Platform 1
shelter with seating rail on south side
lamp post, 3 car stop
lamp post, Armadale
billboard, ScotRail information
departure screen
4 seats
help point
shelter with seating rail on south side
recess to ramp and steps

West Side

  ramp up west to bridge

East Side

  steps up east to bridge

South Side

  mesh fence with billboard

Middle, Inline with Main Fence

  lam post, Platform 1

Continuing East, Beyond this Recess

  fence resumes
lamp post
post, CCTV
lamp post, Armadale
gate at end

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