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The help points on this station have a metal, rectangular housing with two buttons. The left-hand button is for assistance, whilst the right-hand one is for train information. We're advised that we're being monitored by CCTV whilst using this service.


There's a help point on platform 1 and another on platform 2.

On Platform 1

Note that platform 1 is sometimes used bi-directionally.

The help point is beyond the window to your right of the door to the ticket office, as you face the station building.

As you go from the front of longer northbound trains, you pass between a series of paired pillars supporting the canopy before you go round the wall with windows which juts out, just before the main, covered part of the platform. The door to the ticket office is the second door on your right, the help point is just before this.

As you go from the front of longer southbound trains, you pass a gravel area to your left, which includes a series of posts, plus the pillars for the bridge. Continue round the wall with windows which juts out at the start of the covered area. The door to the ticket office is the fourth door on your left, the help point is just past the window beyond this.

On Platform 2

We understand this platform is only used for southbound services.

Note that only the middle part of this platform has a concrete surface, that towards the two ends being gravel, with a narrow strip of concrete at the edge.

The help point is on the fence, beyond the gap to platform 3, as you move away from the foot of the steps from the bridge. You pass the Aviemore sign (two posts) then two lamp posts before you reach the help point.

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