The Concourse

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The area outside the gates is a rectangular space which you go into from the northwest forecourt facing southeast. The ticket office, followed by the gate line are on the left-hand (northeast) side.

The area inside the gates is virtually rectangular, with automatic doors towards platforms 1 and 2 on the far (northeast) side and an automatic door onto platform 3 on the right-hand (southeast) side.

Outside the Gates

Southwest Side, Going Southeast

  wall with train information
3 pay phones
ticket machine
Link cash machine, charging 1.99 per transaction at the time of our survey

Southeast side, Going Northeast

  entrance to WH Smith
2 Wide aisle Gates leading east

Northeast Side, Going Northwest

  5 automatic gates, direction may vary
wall of ticket office juts southwest
exit from ticket office
entrance to ticket office.

Northwest Side

  entrance from northwest forecourt

The Ticket Office

You go in through the door nearest the entrance facing northeast.

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  automatic exit
automatic entrance

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

photo booth

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

2 ticket sales windows
ticket sales window with variable height counter, stick holder and induction loop

Southeast Side


Inside the Gates

Northwest Side

  4 seats, window of ticket office

Southwest Side, Going Southeast

  automatic gates
gate line veers right
2 Wide aisle Gates
WH Smith

Southeast Side, Going Northeast

wall retreats
automatic door onto platform 3, just southwest of the bridge
4 seats, window behind

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  automatic doors to platform 1
3 x 4 seats, windows behind, departure screen above
automatic doors onto platforms 2 - 3

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