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The station lies northeast of the point where Homeston Road (northwest/southeast) crosses the tracks. There's a complex road junction at each end of this rail bridge. There's a roundabout at the southeast end, from which Station Road leads northeast. There's a traffic light junction at the northwest end, from which Smith Street leads northeast.

The other roads at these junctions lie beyond the scope of this survey.

The beginning of Smith Street forms the southeast side of Burns Statue Square, beyond which is the vehicle entrance to the hotel car park and the northwest car park for the station. We'll call this the northwest forecourt.

A forecourt, including the southeast car park for the station, separates the station from Station Road. We'll call this the southeast forecourt.

Note that the main station building forms part of the multi-storey hotel building beside platform 1.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station:

The Main Entrance, from the Northwest Forecourt, into the Concourse

As you go (northeast) from Homeston Road, along Smith Street, you go down the slope from the bridge. Although you could take the turning right, we found this quite busy with traffic and parked vehicles at the time of our survey, we suggest you cross this and take the path leading right (southeast).

You go down the slope, as you reach the kerb, there's a zebra crossing leading to the west corner of the pavement outside the hotel/station building. Turn left then go through the doorway on your right into the concourse.

The Station Road Entrance, from the Southeast Forecourt, onto Platform 4.

As you follow the pavement of the roundabout from Homeston Road towards Station Road, you pass a gap in the wall leading to steps down to the forecourt. As you continue (northeast) along Station Road, you reach the vehicle entrance to the car park. There's step-free access from here into the station.

Via the Steps

You go down eight then seven steps, going northeast. These steps are divided by a central rail. Continue, down the ramp to the forecourt. You pass a locked, metal gate on your left before you reach the entrance door.

From Station Road

If you turn left, into the vehicle entrance and continue to the building, you should find the station entrance, in front of you. There's a locked, metal gate to each side of this entrance. There are four disabled persons' parking bays outside the entrance to the station building.

As you go into the building, take the turning right. There's a help point on your right before you reach the automatic gates, in front of you. Go through the gates then turn left onto the platform. Platform 4 north is to your right, whilst platform 4 south is to your left. The steps to the bridge are in front of you as you go through the gates.

Local Road Crossings

Station Road

We found no pedestrian crossing of this road, except for a traffic island just southwest of the vehicle entrance to the forecourt. Note that there's no tactile paving at either the entrance or exut to the southeast car park.

The Junction of Homeston Road (southeast) and Smith Street (Northeast)

Southeast Arm, Homeston Road

This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving. The northeast half (nearer the station) has the posts with push button and rotating cone to the northwest of the crossing, that is to your right as you cross away from the station, or to your left as you cross towards it. On the central island, you turn left then right. The southwest half (further from the station) has the posts with push button and rotating cone southeast of the crossing, that is to your left as you cross away from the station, or to your right as you cross towards it.

Local Buses

On Station Road

Just northeast of the vehicle exit, on the northwest side of Station Road, Bus Stop 6190122 serving

We noted a bus stop some distance northeast, on the southeast side of Station Road, beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Features

Southeast Side of Smith Street, Going Northeast

  down hill
wall with railings on right
Burns Statue Square to left
cross vehicle access to hotel
taxi rank now along left-hand side of pavement
walkway leads southeast towards hotel and station building

As you go southeast, you follow the path, with railings on each side till you reach the northwest forecourt. There's a map of the area to your right as you reach the forecourt. There's a zebra crossing from the end of this walkway onto the corner of the pavement outside the building.

Southwest Side of Building, Going Southeast

  entrance to hotel reception
Station Bar
pavement ends

Northwest Side of Building, Going Northeast

  blank wall
station entrance
hotel building, details beyond the scope of this survey

Northwest Side of Station Road, Going Southwest

  bus stop 6190122
vehicle exit from southeast forecourt
vehicle entrance to southeast forecourt
traffic island to left, no formal crossing
up hill
pavement veers right then left round roundabout into Homeston Road

Northeast Side of Homeston Road, Going Northwest

gap to steps down to southeast forecourt
wall of rail bridge
tactile paving indicates crossing of Homeston Road
turn right (northeast) into Smith Street

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