The TICKET Office

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We consider this as an F-shaped space with the main passage running southeast from the northwest entrance. The middle passage leads southwest towards the stairs and lift to platform 1, Southbound, whilst the southeast passage leads between the northeast and southwest entrances.

The stairs to platforms 2 - 3 eastbound are off the main passage, just inside the northwest entrance, whilst the ticket sales window is on the northeast side of the main passage, opposite the middle passage.

There is step-free access to this ticket office from all three entrances. Note that the southwest entrance is to be moved onto the southeast side of the southeast passage, so that a unisex, accessible toilet can be installed at the southwest end of this passage.


The Main Passage

Northwest End

  northwest entrance doors

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

pay phone
Station Supervisor's office
ticket sales window with variable height counter and induction loop
automatic doors, northeast entrance

Southwest Side, Going Southeast

  steps to platforms 2 - 3, eastbound
middle passage, to lift and steps to platform 1
wall with bin
southeast passage

The Southeast Passage

Northwest Side, Going Southwest

  main passage

Southwest End

  southwest entrance, departure screen above

Southeast Side

  8 seats, windows behind

The Middle Passage

Northeast End

  normally open gates from main passage

Northwest Side


Southwest End


Southeast Side, Going Southwest

  stairs to platform 1, southbound
lift to platform 1, southbound

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