The TICKET Office

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This consists of a rectangular waiting area to the northwest and the ticket office itself to the southeast. The ticket office is rectangular with the sales windows jutting out from the southwest side.

The entrance from the forecourt is in the northeast side, whilst the door to platform 1, eastbound, is on the southwest. Both sets of doors are automatic.

Note, there is no direct entrance/exit to platform 2, westbound, to reach this platform, you can either go through the ticket office, or the gap from the forecourt then reach platform 2 via the bridge.


The Waiting Area

Northeast Side, Going Southeast

  2 x 4 seats, windows above

Southeast Side

  gap to ticket office

Southwest Side

  2 x 4 seats, windows above

Northwest Side

  2 x 4 seats, windows above

The Ticket Office

Northwest Side, Going Northeast

  gap to waiting area
paper rack
ticket machine
unisex, accessible toilet

Northeast Side, Going Southeast


Southeast Side, Going Southwest

Station Supervisor's office
call button for Station Supervisor

Southwest Side, Going Northwest

  2 ticket sales windows with variable height counters and induction loop
wall retreats
Southeast Side
  mirror, departure screen above
Continuing Southwest Side
  automatic doors to platform 1
continues into waiting area

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