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The station is on the southwest side of an extensive forecourt which lies southwest of Edinburgh Road. A single entrance/exit road leads southwest from Edinburgh Road into the forecourt. See the Local Features section for details.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits to this station offering level access from the forecourt onto the eastbound, platform 1, from which there is lift and stairs access to platform 2, westbound, via the bridge.

The main entrance is via the ticket office, whilst the second entrance (northwest of the main entrance) leads through a gap in the fence, beside the lift and steps to the bridge.

Local Road Crossings

There's a single-stage crossing at each arm of the T-junction between Edinburgh Road and the entrance road to the forecourt. Each crossing has tactile paving and sounder. The post, with push button and rotating cone is to your right as you cross each crossing in either direction.

Local Buses

On the Northeast Side of Edinburgh Road

We noted a bus stop about 30 metres northwest of the entrance road. There was no indication of services at this stop, which has no shelter. We noted a service 22 to Bathgate during our survey.

On the Southwest Side of Edinburgh Road

This bus stop, with shelter, is about 100 metres northwest of the entrance road to the station, serving:

In the Forecourt

There's a bus stop on the southeast island, see the next section for details. At the time of writing, this is being used for the replacement bus service to Armadale, as this station was not complete at the time of our survey. We presume this service will stop on completion of Armadale Station, though the stance may be retained for future needs.

Local Features

Edinburgh Road runs northwest/southeast along the northeast side of an extensive forecourt which includes the taxi rank and car park for the station. The bus stop, which was being used for the replacement bus service to Armadale is also included in this space.

The car park is divided into two sections which we'll call the northwest and southeast sections.

There's a single entrance/exit road leading southwest from Edinburgh Road with continuous paving along the northwest side. There are two rectangular islands in the forecourt. The northwest island includes the taxi rank along the northwest side, whilst the southeast island includes the bus stop, also on the northwest side.

These islands regulate the flow of traffic. Traffic can turn left (southeast), before the islands and continue into the southeast section of the car park. The exit from this section is via the road along the southwest side of the forecourt, turning right beyond the northwest island.

Alternatively, traffic can continue forward, via the taxi rank, then turn right for the northwest section of the car park, or leave as above via the exit road.

There are railings along the pavement outside the station, including three gaps which are, from the southeast:

There are metal railings along the southeast side of the pavement and islands and at the northeast end of the taxi rank.

Southwest Side of Forecourt, Going Northwest

  railings each side
bike lockers on left, southeast crossing to right
railings each side
building starts, lamp post in middle of pavement
metal fence on right
crossing to taxi rank
bollard at kerb side
windows of building, canopy above
station entrance, automatic doors leading southwest
tactile paving indicates crossing to pavement
gap to platform 1
metal fence between pavement and platform

Note that there are three supports to this canopy which lean away from the building. The station entrance is between the first and second post from the northwest end of the building.

Southwest side of Edinburgh road, Going Northwest

  crossing of Edinburgh Road
wall with lamp posts on left
pavement continues, down the hill, to the bus stop, about 100 metres from the station entrance

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