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Since each platform can be reached via a ramped entrance from Springfield Road, we won't explain all possibilities of reaching each platform from each entrance. If you need to buy a ticket before going to platform 1, eastbound, please see our Change Platforms page for details.

Please note that there's no pavement on the near (west) side of Springfield Road under the rail bridge, so we suggest you cross Springfield Road before going under this bridge.

There's tactile paving along the edge of each platform.

To Which Platform?

  To Platform 1, Eastbound
To Platform 2, Westbound

To Platform 1, Eastbound

The foot of the ramp is just south of the pavement along Kirkintilloch Road, you go up southwest, between a shop to your left and a wall to your right. The wall on the right is replaced by a wooden fence before you reach the top of this slope.

At the top of the slope, the wall in front has cycle racks and a bin, the steps up to the platform lead to your left (south).

Via the Ramp

Turn left (180 degrees, east) and continue up the ramp. There's a wire mesh fence and a hand rail to each side. Turn right at the top onto platform 1. You're beside the front of six car, beyond the front of shorter trains. Turn right and move back along the platform.


Via the Steps

These steps are divided into two by a central rail, there was no indication of which side is preferred at the time of our survey. Turn left (south) then go up 12, three then one step, going south, onto platform 1. You're about in the middle of the train.


To Platform 2, Westbound

The foot of the ramp is a few metres north of the junction of Springfield Road (north/south) and Arnold Avenue, (southwest). You go up a steep slope leading west. There's a wire mesh fence with a hand rail to each side.

As you reach the top of the ramp, the door to the ticket office is in front of you. turn right then continue, beyond the wall on your left, onto platform 2. You're about in the middle of the train.

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