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This was under construction at the time of our survey.

There is level access to platform 1, southbound, though access to platform 2, northbound is via the subway, entailing 44 steps down, then up again.

This space can be reached via the ramp from Queen Victoria Street, see the Environs page for details, or via the 44 steps from the subway. We presume lifts will be installed as part of the redevelopment of this station.


Most of the space was surrounded by hoardings at the time of our survey, so we'll add little detail to this at present.

You come in from the steps from the subway facing south. The gate line to platform 1, southbound is in front of you.

You can turn left (east), then left again (north) then right (east) onto the ramp. In doing this, you pass:

Left-Hand Side

  entrance to gents toilets
entrance to ladies toilets

These seemed temporary at the time of our survey, so may be subject to change.

Right-Hand Side

  ticket machine

We found no sales windows during our survey, but presume these will be introduced during the redevelopment of this station.

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