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The station is above the Blackfriars Underground Station. The Environs page of that guide explains the local street network and the two associated subways. These details will not be duplicated here.

Entrances and Exits

At the time of our survey, there were two entrances/exits to this station:

Via the Ramp

See the Local Features section below for more details. You go into the station facing west. From here, you turn left (south) then right again (west) into the ticket hall. Platform 1, southbound is to your left.

This route was lined with hoardings at the time of our survey, so we have little to add to the above at this stage.

Local Road Crossings

See the Environs page of our guide to Blackfriars Underground Station for details.

Local Buses

We found no bus stops within the scope of this survey.

Local Features

The Ramp

This extends east from the ticket hall, parallel with Queen Victoria Street, which it eventually reaches, beyond the scope of this survey. We found four sets of steps from the pavement to the ramp, the first (east) is beyond (east of) the point where the ramp turns left (north) then right (east) again to avoid the historic building on your right.

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