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The station is on the west side of Brunstane Road South, which runs south from the junction with Milton Road east, past the station, to become Gilberstoun, south of the junction with Daiches Braes, which leads east.

Entrances and Exits

There are two entrances/exits. The north one leads west from Brunstane Road South, down a series of steps onto the platform, whilst the south entrance offers level access from the west side of Gilberstoun.

The North Entrance/Exit

You leave the platform facing east, crossing a drainage channel and tactile paving at the foot of the steps. Going up the embankment, you go up 6, 6 then 5 steps, going east, onto a flat path leading to the west side of Brunstane Road South. There's a small bit of tactile paving, which can be missed, in the centre of the pathway near the road and there's a rail to each side of the steps.

There's an RNIB REACT beacon to your right just before you reach the road.

The South Entrance/Exit

You leave the road, facing west. There's an RNIB REACT beacon to your left, bike stands on the right-hand (north) side of the path to the station, beyond which there's a fence to each side of the path.

The path veers right (northwest) then left (west) again before you cross a drainage channel as you reach the platform.

Local Road Crossings

The junction between Brunstane Road South and Milton Road East is a crossroads with Brunstane Road South (south), Brunstane Road (north), Milton Road (west) and Milton Road East, leading east towards the Jewel and Esk College.

Although there's tactile paving at the crossings and an island with tactile paving in the middle of Milton Road East, there is no traffic light or pedestrian controlled crossing of this busy road.

Local Buses

On the North Side of Milton Road East

As you move away (east) from the crossing, you pass a bin on your right before you reach the bus stop and shelter.

The stop is named Brunstane Drive, serving buses to Eastfield, Musselburgh and Wallyford:

On the South Side of Milton Road East

As you move (east) away from the junction with Brunstane Road South, you pass a bin to your left and find the bus stop with shelter after a few metres.

This stop, named Brunstane Drive, serves buses to Meadowbank, London Road, Princes Street, Haymarket and Balerno:

Local Features

The Bridge

If you leave the station via the south exit, turn right (south), go down a slight slope then locate the tactile paving where you turn right (west) towards the foot of the steps.

If you're crossing Gilberstoun, cross at the tactile paving, which is opposite the tactile mentioned above.

You can go up the ramp which is to your right (north) of the three steps, going up west, with a fence each side. Turn left, (south), go up 16 wide spaced steps to a landing with a wooden fence in front of you. Turn right (west) and again (north), go up 5 wide spaced steps onto the bridge and turn left (west).

The bridge has a high fence to each side. At the end, turn right (north), go down 9 wide spaced steps, going north, turn left (180 degrees, south), go down 8 wide-spaced steps, going south. Turn right (west) and go down one step into an open space facing shops etc. which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Brunstane Road South

Along the west side of the road is a conifer hedge, the pavement finishes before you reach the station which is some 200 metres south of Milton Road East. The pavement on the east side slopes down to your right and there's a bin on your left before tactile paving opposite the north entrance to the station.

After another 20 metres, you cross a street with no tactile paving on either side, before crossing Daiches Braes, with tactile paving on each side. Brunstane Road South now becomes Gilberstoun. There's tactile paving after a few metres, opposite the foot of the steps to the bridge. The level (south) entrance to the station is just north of this.

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