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Having left the building, going west through two sets of automatic doors, follow the metal fence on your right which turns right after a few metres. Turn right and continue past a series of plants and ornamental stones to your right, till you reach the entrance to the car park, marked by tactile paving in front of you.

Continue, across the first half of the car park entrance, onto an island with tactile paving and a grassed area with lit bollards. Move left, continue to the end of the island before turning right and locating the tactile paving indicating the crossing point for the other half of the car park entrance. Cross here and continue, following the kerb, to locate tactile paving indicating the crossing of the entrance road to the campus.

Cross the entrance road to the campus, turn right, continue to Milton Road East, in front of you then turn left.

As you go along Milton Road East, you cross Brunstane Drive, before passing a lamp post on your left and a bus stop with shelter on your right, before you reach Brunstane Road South. Turn left here.

As you go along Brunstane Road South you'll find the pavement sloping to your right before you find the tactile paving opposite the south entrance to the station. You could turn right here, cross this relatively quiet road, then continue down three flights of steps onto the platform.

Alternatively, you can continue, along Brunstane Road South, across two turnings then locate the tactile paving opposite the foot of the steps to the bridge. Cross here, turn right and locate the station entrance to your left. Turn left, follow the path, which veers right then left again onto the platform.

Note that, at each entrance, there's an RNIB REACT beacon to your left as you leave the road and another to your right as you reach the platform.

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