The Concourse

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You enter from Station Road, facing east, in the northwest corner of the concourse.
Going clockwise from the entrance

North Wall

3 ticket machines, first and third of these are touch screen
free phone information variious buttons to obtain information
free standing billboard
leaflet rack
door to customer information

East Wall

South Side

  north entrance, to platform 4
Plant in pot
touch screen ticket machine
plant in pot
south entrance, to platform 1
2 billboards
coffee bar juts into concourse

Continuing East Wall

  entrance to coffee bar

South Wall

  six ticket sales windows

Queues for advanced tickets, windows 5 and 6 form between the coffee bar entrance and a large pillar. Tensa barriers control the queue to windows 1 to 4. You enter this queuing system near the west wall, turn right as you enter the concourse.

West Wall

  2 coin and card phones
station entrance, two automatic doors

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