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This is a busy station serving the lines from London King's Cross and Liverpool Street, plus those to Kings Lynn and Peterborough.

Station Layout

This is a flat station, containing no steps between platforms. In fact, it boasts the longest platform in the UK. There is a simple concourse which leads onto the middle of this platform.

The through platform is divided into platform 1, running south of the entrance and platform 4, to the north. This is served by a complex network of points which enables trains, in either direction to stop at either platform. There is a double terminus bay at each end of the station building. To the south, platform 1 extends to an island platform shared with platform 2, whilst platform 3, is on the west side of this bay. Similarly, to the north, platform 4 extends to an island platform shared with platform 5, whilst platform 6 is on the west side of this bay.

Whilst we're not aware of any definite rules, it seems reasonable to suppose that, in general, southbound trains (towards London) will depart from platforms 1 - 3, whilst others will leave from 4 - 6. We heard plenty of helpful announcements.

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