Platforms 1 and 2

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Platforms 1 and 2, from the South

Starting on the Island

There's a row of lamp post along the middle of the island and covered waiting areas which are entered from platform 1.

  slope off south end
post with sign 8 car trains
3 posts
way out sign
Cambridge sign
post with tannoy speaker
waiting area
Cambridge sign
billboard and lamp post
4 billboards
Cambridge sign and post
waiting area
large billboard
digital clock overhead
Cambridge sign and billboard

Platform 2 ends, turn left to platform 3


Platform 1, Beside the Station Building

The station buildings start beyond the turning to platform 3. There is a row of pillars along the middle of platform 1. The majority of the pillars are surrounded by billboards, mainly timetables.

  coffee bar, entered from concourse
5 seats
W H Smith
ladies toilet
baby changing room and disabled persons toilet
gents toilet
card and coin phone
Upper Crust refreshments
tourist information
2 card and coin phones
post box
stamp machine
south entrance from concourse

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