The Bridge

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The bridge, with high parapits, runs north/south across the tracks with a ramp and steps serving each platform. The ramps are at the ends of the bridge, whilst the steps leave from points just before these. Both ramps and steps leave to the east.

There are two flights of 13 steps between the bridge and platform level.

To Reach Platform 1, Eastbound

From the north end of the bridge, go down the ramp going east, then turn left 180 degrees and continue down west to platform level. Turn left (south) onto platform 1, eastbound, there's a rail in front of you, just beyond the foot of the steps to your right, you can avoid this to either side to reach the platform. You're near the rear of the train.

To Reach Platform 2

The ramp from the bridge to platform 2 goes down east to a point beside (south of) the help point beside the shelter. Turn left and continue past the help point onto the platform. We believe you're near the rear of the train.

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