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The station forms the northern boundary of the car park which is shared by the Mariner Centre (southwest), XS Superbowl (now closed, northwest), The Bowling Club (now closed, northeast) and the Forth Valley Sensory Resource Centre (southeast). This complex lies northwest of the roundabout at the junction of Glasgow Road (east/west) and Stirling Road (north).

Entrances and Exits

All entrances/exits of this station are from platform 2, westbound.

Local Road Crossings

Nailor Road has tactile paving on each side. A few metres beyond (south of) this is more tactile paving indicating an uncontrolled crossing of Stirling Road. This is a two-stage crossing with tactile paving on each side and also across the central island.

It is hoped that a controlled crossing, enabling safer access to the Forth Valley Sensory Resource Centre from this point will be installed shortly.

Local Buses

There is a bus stop on each side of Stirling Road. That on the east lies a few metres beyond the crossing mentioned above, whilst the one on the west side is some distance south of the crossing, as you move towards the roundabout.

Local Features

There are four bike racks to your right as you move west from the foot of the ramp, towards the steps. There's a metal obstruction in the middle of the pavement, about half way towards the steps.

There's a shelter, with a tactile map of the station, between the foot of the ramp and the steps.

As stated earlier, the car park is surrounded by four major venues, of which the Forth Valley Sensory Resource Centre is our prime concern. Visit the Find the Forth Valley Sensory Resource Centre page for details of the route to the Centre.

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