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We leave the station via either the ramp or steps. Note that there's a shelter with a tactile map of the station between the foot of the ramp and the steps.

We need to aim for the southeast corner of the car park, where the main entrance is located. This means going past the Bowling Club and most of the Centre building.

The Route

From the foot of the steps going down east into the car park, move right, just beyond the right-hand edge of the steps (to avoid a post in the middle of the pavement) then continue (east) until you locate the tactile paving indicating the road crossing.

From the foot of the ramp into the car park, turn left (180 degrees and follow the wall to your left till you locate the tactile paving indicating the road crossing.

Cross the road, you should find tactile paving on the other (south) side, you're now on the pavement beside (west of) the Bowling Club. There's a rail to your right which stops about six metres short of the end of this pavement. You pass two lamp posts, on the left-hand side of the pavement.

Turn left and continue, beside the south side of the bowling club to your left. You pass a short section of metal rail on your right. After a few metres more, you go up a slight slope which is the first section of the ramp to the bowling alley entrance. Follow the right-hand side and take the turning right at the top of the slope.

There's a metal rail on your right, follow the pavement. After a few metres, the rail finishes and the pavement veers left then right again.

After a further few metres, you'll locate the rail to your right (the path towards Stirling Road leaves to your left, just before this, whilst the next path to your left leads to the dog run. The building juts out in front of you, follow the right-hand side. As you reach the end of the rail, move to your left and follow the pavement (south) till you reach tactile paving indicating the entrance to the Centre. Turn left here and go through two sets of automatic doors, the reception desk is to your right.

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