Platform 2, WESTBOUND

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This is a separate platform along the south side of the station, serving trains to Glasgow Queen Street, Stirling and Dunblane.

There's tactile paving along the edge. This is a mainly open platform. The surface is Tarmac with railings along the right-hand (south) side. Initially, a concrete strip runs beside the railings, giving way to gravel after a few metres, up to the bridge. This gravel is not resumed east of the entrance/exit to the platform.

There are RNIB react beacons near each end of the platform and beside the foot of the steps from the bridge. There's another beacon just east of the help point on the east side of the shelter.

From the West

  slope off end
lamp post, with six car stop
lamp post with station sign
lamp post
gravel starts on right
lamp post with station sign
steps down south, 10 steps into the car park behind the XS Superbowl
sign beyond these steps saying, “ Platform 1 to Edinburgh, platform 2 to Glasgow, Stirling and Dunblane”
pillar supporting bridge, about 1 metre in
second pillar
gravel juts across before the descending steps
railings beside steps going up west onto bridge
RNIB REACT beacon beyond foot of steps
post with station sign
lamp post
lamp post
seat jutting out from railings
lamp post with station sign
timetable board

The entrance is in the middle of the shelter as you move along the platform. There are seats inside the shelter, a pay phone in the far right-hand (southwest) corner and a ticket machine on the left-hand (east) side.

Note, you can't walk behind this shelter.

Beyond, (east of) the shelter, a path leads south to a help point, with an RNIB REACT beacon just east of this. South of these, a rail juts out before the foot of the ramp coming down from the west. Steps lead down east from opposite the foot of the ramp, whilst the ramp continues down, east from a point to the north of the steps, opposite the side of the shelter.

Continuing East from the Path Beyond the Shelter

  lamp post
departure screen
square post
lamp post with station sign
RNIB REACT beacon, lamp post behind
lamp post
slope off end

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