The Upper Concourse

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This station is undergoing a major refurbishment which is scheduled to be complete in 2012. In consequence, many of the walls were taken up with temporary hoardings rather than the usual facilities around a mainline station.

This is a rectangular space with the platforms leading south. The gate line, which was absent at the time of our survey, will run east/west across the concourse.

Outside the gates, the east entrance comes into the northeast corner, whilst the entrances via the lower concourse come into the south side. The Dowgate Hill exit leaves west, near the northwest corner of this space.

From the Lower Concourse

You can reach platform level via the lift, which was staff operated at the time of our survey, or via the steps.

The Steps

You go up 14 steps, going south, into the concourse. There's tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps. You're in the northwest corner.


North Side, Going West

  Lift, staff operated
steps from lower concourse

West Side, Going South

  exit to Dowgate Hill
3 x 2 phones
entrance to ladies Toilets
entrance to gents, to left (east)

South Side, Going East

  end of track 7
platforms 6 - 7
end of tracks 5 - 6
platforms 4 - 5
end of tracks 3 - 4, jutting north into concourse
platforms 2 - 3
end of tracks 1 - 2, at same level as 3 - 4
platform 1

East Side

  east entrance

Within the concourse are seats and dummy gates, which may be moved as the refurbishment progresses.

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