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All platforms lead south from the upper concourse. The doors will open on your right as you arrive at odd numbered platforms, otherwise on your left.

There's no tactile paving along the edge of the platforms.

This station is undergoing major refurbishment, so features may be subject to change.

From the Platforms

Go beyond the front of the train. At the time of our survey, the gates had been removed, so we cannot tell you where the manual or Wide Aisle gate(s) are. We plan to visit this station from time to time to update our information as appropriate.

Continue, through the gates (if present) into the upper concourse.

To the Exits

As you face away from the platforms, the steps to the east exit leave near the far right-hand corner, the lift to the lower concourse is about in the middle of the far wall, whilst the steps to the lower concourse leave from the far left-hand corner. The steps, to Dowgate Hill (only available between 07:00 and 10:00, Monday to Friday) leave from the left-hand side of the concourse.

Via the East Exit

Follow the right-hand side, take the turning right then turn left, continue along a short passage and go down two flights of steps to street level.

Via the Lift

At the time of our survey, this lift was staff operated. At lower concourse level, move towards the right-hand side of the lower concourse to leave via the step-free, middle exit.

Via the West Exit

Follow the left-hand side then go down two flights of steps to the lower concourse. Continue, down another flight of steps from here to street level. Note that this exit is adjacent to the Cannon Street entrance of the Underground station.

Via the Dowgate Hill Exit

Follow the left-hand side, take the turning left and go down the steps to street level. Note that this exit is adjacent to the Dowgate Hill entrance of the Underground station. Note also, that the taxi rank is on the other side of Dowgate Hill.

To the Underground Station

This passage, between the lower concourse and the Underground concourse, was closed at the time of our survey.

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