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This is the terminus for services to north Kent, via London Bridge.


There are seven platforms leading south from the upper concourse, numbered 1 - 7 from east to west. Platform 1 is a separate platform along the east side of the station, whilst platforms 2 - 3, 4 - 5 and 6 - 7 are island platforms. The tracks serving platforms 1 - 4 extend further into the concourse than those serving platforms 5 - 7.

The upper concourse, is a rectangular space with the gate line running east/west, and the platforms to the south. The entrances come in towards the north.

The east entrance leads directly from street level into the upper concourse, whilst the lift and west entrance are via the lower concourse.

The lower concourse is a rectangular space with the west and middle entrances on the north side and the lift and steps to the upper concourse on the south. The ticket sales facilities are on the east side of this space. The entrance from the Underground station, on the west side, was closed at the time of this survey.

Note that this station is undergoing major refurbishment which is scheduled until 2012, so features may be subject to change during this time. We'll endeavour to update this guide from time to time, during the course of this work.


There's stairs and lift access between street level and all platforms. We therefore believe this station is accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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