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The concourse is rectangular with the longer side running east-west. The main entrances are in the north side, whilst the two corridors leading to the platforms leave from the south. The taxi rank is reached via the east exit, whilst platform 0 is reached via a short corridor leaving from the west side.

Going Clockwise from the Northwest Corner

North Side

  office with glass walls, not for public use
large plant pot
first auto door
2 photo booths
auto door
post box
temporary sign indicating taxi rank to east
2 auto doors
4 card and coin phones, last of these at wheelchair height - slightly lower than others
auto door
office with glass walls, not for public use

East Side

  auto door, to taxi rank
trolley point, coin deposit trolleys

South Side

  Spa shop
east corridor, leading south, lifts to platforms
Upper Crust, tables and chairs outside in concourse
3 departure screens, on wall of Upper Crust
pillar with plant pot on north side
WH Smith, 4 departure screens on wall
west corridor, entrance to platforms 1 to 4, 6 and 7
self service ticket machine
ARRIVA Fastticket machine
metal barriers in front of ticket windows

The first gap, approaching from northeast, to two windows for immediate travel. The second gap, beyond the plant pot, approaching from northwest to four windows for advanced bookings.

Continuing along the South Side, Beyond the Ticket Sales Windows

  blank door
corner counter, customer help desk

West Side

  blank wall
rectangular plant pot

Behind this, on the wall is a freephone information service with postcard sized adverts on either side. The plant blocked access to this at the time of our survey, so we presume it is not in use.

Continuing on West Side, Beyond the Plant Pot

  passage to platform 0, leading west, pillar in middle

The Passage to Platform 0

South Side
West End
  door into Marks & Spencer Simply Food
North Side
  steps up to platform 0

Continuing on West Side, Beyond the Corridor to Platform 0

  glass walled office, mentioned previously

In the Middle of the Concourse, from the West

Opposite the ticket office, towards the same day booking side is an information board with various arms. A smaller set of information boards is opposite Upper Crust.

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