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The station complex, including the forecourt to the north called City Square and the car park to the south is bounded by:

Entrances and Exits

The main entrance, including five sets of automatic doors is on the north side of the rectangular concourse onto City Square.

The east entrance, from the northeast corner of the concourse, leads towards the taxi rank.

There are three entrances from the south car park:

The Forecourt, City Square

This is a significant paved area with a concrete sculpture in the middle, criss-crossed by strips of tactile paving which may assist orientation.

Cardiff Central Bus Station occupies the northwest portion of this area from which six lanes emerge east before joining and curving north towards Wood Street.

The main taxi rank is east of the station building, Saunders Road runs west from St Mary Street, past the entrance to the car park, to the turning circle of the taxi rank.

The short stay car park, in which we also observed some taxis, lies west of the station and is served by a continuation of the bus entrance road from Wood Street.

Burger King then a multi-storey car park lie on the north side of City Square, east of the bus exit road.

The Station Building, on the South Side of the Forecourt, Going West

auto door
2 benches, concrete post at each end with wooden plank seat
3 auto doors
2 benches, concrete post at each end with wooden bench seat
auto door
Natwest cash point
RBS cash point
door to Marks & Spencer Simply Food

Local Road Crossings

St Mary Street

St Mary Street can be reached by turning right from the main entrance and following the walkway along the north side of Saunders Road. This walkway lies about 1.5 metres above the lowest level of the car park. There's a low wall with railings, broken by a set of steps into the car park, along the north side. There is tactile paving before (south of) this wall, along the south edge of the walkway (with trees) and strips of tactile paving cross the walkway at about six metre intervals. Having crossed the car park entrance, you continue along Saunders Road which reaches St Mary Street beside the Great Western pub. This road is a dual carriageway which should only be crossed at the junction with Wood Street, to the north, which lies beyond the scope of this survey.

The Junction of the Bus Exit Road (South) Wood Street (East/West) and Havelow Street


As you leave via the main entrance, bear right (11 o'clock) from the east doors, to be sure of reaching the pavement east of the bus exit road. Having reached the wall, turn left and follow the pavement to your right and continue, past Burger King, to the main road in front of you.

South Arm, Bus Exit Road

This is a single-stage crossing, with tactile paving on each side of the street. The posts with button and rotating cone are south of the crossing.

West Arm, Wood Street

This is a two-stage crossing. From either side, the first post, with button and rotating cone is to your right. Cross to the central island, turn right and locate the second post, with button and rotating cone on your left.

North Arm, Havelow Street

There is no pedestrian control of this crossing. There is tactile paving on both sides of the street and on the central island.

The Junction of Tresillian Terrace and Penarth Road

Tresillian Terrace is the access road to the south car park, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

Local Buses

Details of Cardiff Central Bus Station lie beyond the scope of our survey. However, we report that there are six rows of stands labelled A through F (north to south).

The Cardiff City Transport Ticket and Information office is on the northwest corner of the junction between Wood Street and Havelow Street, whilst the National Express office is towards the west end of the office building running along the north side of the bus station.

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