Platform 0

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To Reach

Go into the passage from the middle of the west side of the concourse, turn right (north), go up 6 steps, going north, turn left (180 degrees) and go up 16 steps, going south. You're now at platform level.

The Area at the Top of the Steps

East Side

  blank door

South Side

  door towards platform

West Side

  blank wall

Continuing from the Top of the Steps

As you go through the door in front of you at the top of the steps, you reach a path, running to your right with a metal fence in front of you, along the south side. You're at track level, to the east of the platform.

As you go to your right (west) the concrete wall to your right (north) retreats at an angle towards the car park. A metal barrier with a gate then runs southwest from the end of the wall towards the foot of the slope to the platform. Beyond this gate, is a bike park to your right (northeast) and the vehicle entrance is on the opposite (northwest) side of the car park, details of which lie beyond the scope of this survey.

As you continue west beyond the metal fence on your left, you cross tactile paving then go up a ramp which is divided into two lanes by metal rails (one to each side and one along the middle). There's a metal post at the east end of each rail, which support gates that can be used to close the platform. At the top of the ramp, you cross tactile paving to reach the east end of the platform. At the time of writing it wasn't clear which lane is preferred for which direction.

Note that, when leaving the platform, you can go to the right (south) of the rail beside the ramp, this is not allowed. Be sure you locate tactile paving and a slope down immediately beyond the start of the rail.

General Information

There is good tactile paving near the platform edge, to your left and a wooden fence on your right.

Platform 0 From the East End

  tactile paving at top of ramp
customer information booth
wooden fence
covered area with 9 seats, post at each end
wooden fence with billboards
covered area with nine seats, post at each end
wooden fence
2 boxes
fire alarm button, cctv camera above
covered area with nine seats
wooden fence
covered area with nine seats
wooden fence
slope off end of platform

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