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The following were noted at the time of our survey.

What Kind?


Burger King, on the north side of City Square, just east of the bus lanes as they turn north towards Wood Street.

Marks & Spencer Simply Food, at the end of the corridor towards platform 0, from the west side of the concourse. There's also an entrance from City Square.

Upper Crust, a kiosk on platforms 1 - 2 on the rear of the entrance stairwell.


Cafe Select, the entrance is on your right as you go into the east corridor (towards the lifts) from the concourse.

Upper Crust, on the south side of the concourse, opposite the main entrance, just to your right of the east corridor.

Vending Machines

There's a drinks vending machine on platform 6 and a sweets one on platform 7. These are on the east side of the third building. This is on the wall in front of you as you arrive via the entrance steps.

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