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This is the bridge within the station which joins the two groups of platforms. The steps and ramp from platforms 4 - 8 are towards the left-hand (east) side of the concourse as you enter the station via the main entrance.

The other (west) bridge, although crossing the station, only gives access to platforms 1 - 3.


From the concourse, you go up a set of 17 wide steps, going east, with a central rail and a rail to each side. The ramp slopes down east in front of you. Turn right (south) and go over the hump-back bridge, there's a wall in front of you, at the south end. This wall has a sign indicating platforms 1, 2 and 3 to left, platform 3 to right. Ladies and unisex disabled persons toilets to left.

The steps, going down west, also have a central and side rails. The right-hand (north) rail veers left then right around a post, it may be easier to follow the left-hand rail. You go down 15 steps, going west onto platform 3, about in the middle of the platform.

There's a blank door to your left, at the foot of the steps and the wall juts out in front of you. Move to your right to reach the platform.

The ramp, which goes down east onto platform 3 has a hand rail on the north side which goes round a pillar near the foot of the ramp.

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