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This is a significant hub in the network, with services including:

Platform 8 is seldom used, except for a few departures during peak times.


The tracks run east/west, before turning south, just east of the station.

There are eight platforms, configured in two groups such that platforms 1 - 3 lie south of platforms 4 - 8.

Platforms 1 - 3 share an island platform with platform 1 lying south of platform 3. Platform 2 is a bay platform at the south end of this island. Note that both sides of this track are designated platform 2, so we assume that the train doors can open on each side.

Platform 4 runs the length of the station with the west section sharing an island platform with platform 7, whilst the east section shares an island with platform 5. The middle section of this platform runs across the south side of the concourse.

Platforms 6 and 8 run along the north side of the station with platform 6 starting east of the concourse whilst platform 8 leaves from the west.

The main entrance leads south through three rooms, towards the platforms. The first (north) room includes the information office, the second includes the booking hall, whilst the third contains a car hire office.

A bridge, with ramp and stairs access joins the two blocks of platforms, from a point towards the east side of the concourse, to about the middle of platform 3. Note that the road bridge (the Victoria Viaduct) to the west crosses the end of the station but only offers direct ramp access to platforms 1 - 3.

As of 15 April 2014, we understand that the former subway has been re-opened providing lift access between platforms 4 - 8 and 1 - 3. We have no further details at this time.


We understand there is now lift access through this station, making the station accessible to Guide Dog and wheelchair users.

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