Platform 6

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This platform runs east, along the north side of the station, from a point just east of the station building.

To Reach

Go through the automatic doors into the area of the concourse beside platform 4, turn left and continue (east). Be sure you get to the right (south) side of the rail beside the ramp to the car park. Alternatively, continue (east) from the foot of the ramp from the bridge, move left and follow the building to the end.

Platform 6, from the West

  seats on left
railings finish, wall resumes
information board about the station
main roof ends, platform cover starts with girder in middle
plain wall on left
3 girders
station sign on wall
stanchion against wall
3 girders
platform curves right and narrows
2 girders
stanchion against wall
2 girders
end of covered area
metal post
station sign on wall
wall ends
siding to left
departure screen and signal. post
slope off end

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