Platform 8

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This platform runs west along the north side of the station.

To Reach

Go through the automatic doors into the area beside platform 4 and turn right, continue between the wall and seating area, following the wall, onto the platform.

Platform 8, from the West

  slope off end
2 concrete posts in middle
signal post in middle
wall juts out under road bridge
no need to come west of this bridge
railings on left
concrete post in middle
post in middle
norrth portion of platform slopes up to left
concrete post
metal post in middle
wall starts
wall retreats left
girder in middle
wall retreats towards parking area for postal vehicles etc.
2 Girders in middle
3 blank doors
trolley point for postal use only
building juts out, buffers on right
parcel office door, opposite buffers
buildings with electrical gear on right

There's a bin area across the end of tracks 7 and 8.

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